Monday, January 08, 2007

The Little … Small Fights…Challenges and Opportunities

These so called little things in life are important to handle. Remember that there is no way out...though there is a way through!

Going through these worldly fights with attachment OR without joy is not the right thing to do. They will come back time and again.

What life presents to you is because of the pending transactions that you need to clear. Handle it with duty and enjoy the outcome, whatever it is. But be fully involved when doing your job and out of it once through.

It matters a lot how you handle your present. Nature does not allow you to evolve or rise without crossing the current barrier. One must win the fight at hand!

Also, opportunities in life do not come your way out of any fancy of nature. They are your destinies. You need to handle them too. Value them.

Think on your own and decide for your own self.