Monday, September 17, 2007

Nirbal Ke Bal Ram - Shri Ram is the Provider of Strength to Those Who are Weak and Downtrodden

O Shri Ram, let there be millions of salutations at your feet and let there be light in the dark minds of even those who try to question your being!

How naive of someone to question whether Lord Ram existed or not! How insensitive too!

If ASI - Archaeological Survey of India - does not have proof of Shri Ram's existence, it only means that they do not know enough.

Also, as the officers responsible run for their head, it would do good to them to visit the Lord's temple and invoke Him to pardon them for what they did... Alas, such could be the irony that one turns to help from the same Lord whom he/she denies an existence.

True, Nirbal Ke Bal Ram... The Lord does not discriminate.

Salutations to Shri Ram!