Friday, October 26, 2007


O Time! In your inexhaustible flow
Deep into the moments
I wonder
Where I have reached!

I searched for peace at times
And then lost in intrigue
On hearing some footsteps
I’ve been waking up from bewildering sleeps.

In pursuit of truth I turned into a seeker at times
And then unknowingly became a story untold
With tears rolling from my eyes
You only know whom all I have been calling back…!

O time! You kept walking with me
And in your unknown dimensions
I kept making countless efforts
Searching your meaning.

In detached moments of life
Pulling my self towards higher levels
Knowingly at times and at times with no idea about it
I’ve been putting on new robes.

I’ve been seeing new sun every morning
Spreading its fresh rays and shine
It setting then in far horizons, getting lost
I’ve found myself roaming silently in desolate forests.

I kept playing with joy
And then stopping suddenly at some moments
O Time! Trying to pull the strings on you
I’ve been fighting wars in my thoughts.

In a small hut
Amidst the cool breezes
All alone in evenings disappearing fast
I’ve been having visions of storms.

O Time! Even after knowing the meaning
Of your laughter so loud
I do not really know why
I’ve been attempting to take lasting forms…!

Accepting my very own, even the shadows around me
Mixing up and singing melodies with them
I’ve found their sizes increasing with your flow...
Getting lost all of sudden into unknowns.

You have turned into the destroyer at times
And at times I’ve found you to be the protector on my side
Whether I’m with you or you are with me…
I’ve been searching this thread for long.