Friday, September 24, 2010


Fear surrounds me when it is dark
Not because that
I cannot see anything
But because they can see so well in dark.

I know that
As this darkness would spread in time and space
Their eyes will get used to it well
And they will master their shots.

Ah, no one listened to the old fakir
He indeed said so
"Let the sun set - it has to after all
Do not lament it."

"Just keep the lamps alight in your homes
With effort and care
Let them not be extinguished
One such is enough to make them blind!"

Now all of you are weeping
Already this darkness is so terrible
But it makes me sad to think
That I had thought the old fakir to be right.

And I had also thought:
To keep my lamp lit
To arrange to keep it safe
Oh why so, I did nothing!