Friday, September 24, 2010

The Suicide Note of a Bad Man

You never listened to me.

I had told you
To tell these people - not to laugh
But you got concerned for those who were sad
And tried to lighten their hearts.

I told you
To stop the breeze
And to ask for winds laden with dust
So that people get blinded in the day.

But alas!
You rather asked the storms
To get calm
And quiet.

And I desired
That you talk to rivers
That they collude with clouds
To flood the cities and create havoc.

Oh again
You did not listen to me
You sent away the excess clouds
To drought struck places.

I wanted to take away innocence
I wanted to take away fragrance
I wanted to destroy relations
And I wanted to divide the earth.

And so many were my desires
I pity myself
You never stood by me.

Left with no choice O my Life!
This day
With all your goodness
I'm killing you.